The issue of ecological situation is highly relevant for the Atyrau region, and to the Ural River in particular. The increasing anthropogenic impact on ecosystems of the region poses the problem of development and implementation of environmental protection measures in performance of activities on the port territory.

Problems of environmental protection, ecological security, protection of soil and water-bearing horizon of the Ural River are for us in the first place, as development and maintenance of navigation in the region are impossible without conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.
In 2011, by the initiative of the river port owners, at their own expense, with the support of akimat of Atyrau city, 7 sunken ships were hoisted from the waters of the Ural River adjacent to the port quay wall, which allowed not only to secure and improve navigation in particular area, but significantly increase environmental safety.

Activities on gardening (planting of flower beds, trees and shrubs) are cariied out every year on the river port territory and the surrounding area.
There are also dust suppression activities provided in the spring-summer season.
Measures on isolating soil in areas involved in production work are taken to avoid contamination of the port land
Litter picks are carried out on a regular basis, sites for temporary storage of waste products and consumption are organized.
River port management has taken an important decision: when planning the expansion and increase and other measures, it is required to assess the impact of the proposed activity on the environment, to calculate the risks of anthropogenic impact on the state of water, air pools and the environment in general. Our objective and priority is to balance the environmental aspects of any commercial activity within the Atyrau river port and at the same time, to increase capability to send and receive goods from the port, to make the river port a commercial and logistics center which in turn will provide economic growth in the region without disturbing the balance of fragile ecological systems.

Our company works together with partners who have extensive experience in the development and implementation of port reconstruction projects during creation of know-how in the field of production, material-and-technical potential and capabilities of the port.